Evolution of Women’s Sports at Oregon

The first official account of women’s athletics on campus dates back to 1909 with the formation of an organized tennis team. Progress in women’s athletics continued in 1913 with the establishment of the Women’s Athletic Association (WAA). Since 1970, the University has added a handful of intercollegiate sports for women in addition to supporting the development of countless All-Americans, NCAA Champions and Olympians. As recruiting and player development became significant factors in the women’s athletic program, UO women athletes have seen their careers opportunities expand beyond the University.

Establishing the Foundation

The Early Years for Women (1890s-1970)

The early days of women’s athletics at the University of Oregon consisted of loosely organized competitions and social gatherings. With a handful of practices, sporadic contests, and minimal resources, women athletes enjoyed only limited opportunities during the first 75

1970s-1980s: Title IX Era at Oregon

Despite some major challenges, the 1970s was arguably the most revolutionary era in women’s athletics. During this era, Oregon began to increase its intercollegiate offerings for women and gradually started making revisions to the athletic program as a whole.

Present Day

Compared to the dramatic peaks and lows in women’s athletics that occurred from 1965-1985, the 1990s was an era of steady progress. This pattern continued into the next millennium firmly establishing an excellent program.