The University’s Approach to Changes in Athletics

In more than 100 years of athletics, the UO has made many adjustments to its sports programs. Arguably, three of the most noticeable athletic areas that have been shaped and remodeled at the University during the past century have been changes in coaching duties and responsibilities, additions and improvements to facilities and the modification of sports offerings.

These three focus areas include a variety of aspects responsible for defining sports on campus. Intertwined with changing trends in society, University budget problems and Title IX compliance issues, the transformations described in this part of the exhibit have made athletics at Oregon what they are today.

Oregon Sports – Changing On and Off the Field

Changes in Coaching Duties and Responsibilities

Although it is now commonplace for some sports teams to have multiple full-time coaches and extensive support staff, less than 30 years ago coaches shuffled multiple roles, ranging from teaching to coaching multiple sports to assisting with athletic training needs.

Additions and Improvements to Facilities

The changes in facilities, including construction and remodeling, represent the evolution of sports at Oregon. The stories behind these building efforts demonstrate the University’s resilience in the face of challenges and appreciation for tradition with a vision for the future.

Modifying Sports Offerings

An assortment of athletic offerings at the University has played an integral role in the spirit of sports at Oregon. Whether it entailed promoting club teams to intercollegiate athletic status or eliminating a sport, such as gymnastics, from the lineup, the University has continually restructured the sports offerings for student-athletes.