Modifying Sports Offerings

An assortment of athletic offerings at the University has played an integral role in the spirit of sports at Oregon. Whether it entailed promoting club teams to intercollegiate athletic status or eliminating a sport, such as gymnastics, from the lineup, the University has continually restructured the sports offerings for student-athletes.

Assembling the Perfect Combination

Gauging Interest (1880s-1920s)

Establishing a foundation for sports on campus proved unpredictable during the University’s early days. As students’ interests shifted, Oregon constantly found itself reshaping its athletic focus.

Elevating Intercollegiate Competition (1930s-1960s)

The University continued to introduce new athletic endeavors on campus from the 1930s-1960s, while the major sports proceeded to gain in prominence.

Seeking Balance (1970s-Present)

Title IX undoubtedly spurred major shifts in the athletic lineup at Oregon during the past 45 years. Prior to 1972, Oregon offered only a handful of women’s intercollegiate sports and seven men’s teams. Today Oregon offers nine women’s and seven men’s teams.