Hayward Field

One of the most recognizable and respected track and field venues in the nation, Hayward Field continues to be adapted to meet the changes in the sport, redefining its character and maintaining its presence as a core element in the University’s track and field heritage.

Legendary Landmark

History of Hayward Field

From its start as a football field in 1919 to its upcoming role as host to the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, Hayward Field continues to play a prominent part in the history of University of Oregon athletics.

Hayward Field Revamped

Nearly 90 years old, Hayward Field continues to undergo numerous renovations to ensure that it remains one of the top track and field facilities in the country. Throughout the years, the facility has been modified to meet the needs of athletes and spectators.

The Reputation of Hayward Field

It’s not just a place to train; it’s not just a place to compete; it’s not just a place to watch track and field--it’s Hayward Field.