The Artistic Genius of Will H. Bradley

The American Chap-Book

Bibliographic Information

Author: Bradley, Will

Publication: The American Chap-Book was published by Jersey City, American Type Founders Co., in years 1904-1905.

Notes: Two volumes of The American Chap-Book were published between the years of 1904 and 1905, with six editions each. Volume 1 contains “Eighteenth Century Chap-Books and Broadsides,” September 1904; “Directness and Simplicity,” October 1904; “The Use of Borders and Ornaments,” November 1904; “Appropriateness,” December 1904; “The Abuse of Custom,” January 1905; and “The Value of Little Things,” February 1905. Volume 2 contains “Cover Designs,” March 1905; “Business Cards,” April 1905; “Use of Brass Rule,” May 1905; “Advertising Display,” June 1905; “Booklets,” July 1905; and “Title Pages,” August 1905.

From Will H. Bradley: His Work, A Bibliographical Guide, compiled by Anthony Bambace