The Artistic Genius of Will H. Bradley

Late Career

After the reaching the pinnacle of an illustrious career, Will H. Bradley retired in Southern California in 1930; however, he did not lay latent in his retirement. Bradley published his autobiography, Memories 1875-1895, in 1948, of which he wrote and assumed full responsibility for all elements of design. In his restlessness, Bradley continued to engage with the art and design community by offering lectures and by notably exhibiting his work and the work of the Wayside Press at the Huntington Library. Several final publications included Will Bradley, His Work: An Exhibition, and Picture of a Period, or Memories of the Gay Nineties. Around this period, Bradley also worked in conjunction with the Typophiles, a group with whom Bradley had been friendly and connected, to help author and design the semi-autobiographical Will Bradley: His Chap Book. In his final years, Bradley was awarded the prestigious medal of the American Institute of Graphic Arts for a lifetime on indelible accomplishments. Following the death of his wife, Bradley became increasingly close to his daughter, Fern. He spent the remaining years of his life near San Diego, California, prior to his passing in La Mesa, California, at age ninety-four (Bambace, 1995).