The Artistic Genius of Will H. Bradley

Bradley: His Book

Bibliographic Information

Author: Bradley, Will

Publication: Bradley: His Book was published in New York by R. H. Russell in 1901. University Press (in conjunction with R. H. Russel, 1901) and Harper Brothers (1903) also shared publication rights. Quoted from the copyright page, Bradley: His Book was “arranged and printed by the Wayside Department of the University Press, Cambridge, USA.”

Design: The binding of Bradley: His Book utilized gray paper-covered boards, the “Bradley” typeface, and the characteristic white dandelion emblem of the Wayside Press. Will H. Bradley additionally designed the title page and interior illustrations.

Notes: Bradley: His Book was one of the prestigious Wayside Publications books. Publisher R. H. Russell advertised Bradley: His Book in Publisher’s Trade List Annual, 1901; and in “New Additions to the Famous ‘Wayside Publications’” found in Book Buyer, April 1901. The Harper Brothers for University Press edition of Bradley: His Book was released true to original form in 1903.

From Will H. Bradley: His Work, A Bibliographical Guide, compiled by Anthony Bambace