The Artistic Genius of Will H. Bradley

Victor Bicycles

Works pertaining to the Overman Wheel Company

Title: Victor 1898 Bicycles

Publication: Victor 1898 Bicycles was published by the Wayside Press of Springfield, Massachusetts, 1898, one of the final works of the press, and a rare production of the Wayside Studio.

Design: The booklet is thirty-two pages, and the cover, frontispiece, illustrations, and layout are credited to the talent of Will H. Braldey

Title: Victor Bicycles MDCCCXCIX, Chicopee Falls, Mass.

Publication: Victor Bicycles MDCCCXCIX, Chicopee Falls, Mass. was “designed and printed by Will Bradley at the University Press, Cambridge,” 1899.

Design: The booklet is mainly comprised of the work of Bradley, with Bradley’s work featured on the cover, endpapers, frontispiece, title page, borders, and illustrations.

Title: Victor Bicycles, Chicopee Falls, Mass.

Publication: 1899

Design: The contents are completely emulative of Victor Bicycles MDCCCXCIX, Chicopee Falls, Mass., and the work is signed “Bradley.”

From Will H. Bradley: His Work, A Bibliographical Guide, compiled by Anthony Bambace