Hayward Field

Hayward Field East Grandstand, University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon)
Hayward Field East Grandstand, University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon)

Location: 1580 E. 15th St., Eugene, Oregon

Date: 1919; 1925; 1970; 1975; 1988

Architect: Lawrence, Holford, and Allyn


Named for Bill Hayward, UO track coach from 1903 to 1947.

  • 1919. Hayward Field is created primarily as a venue for football. Hayward Field replaced Kincaid Field, now the Memorial Quadrangle. Grandstand is built.
  • 1921. Track and Field program begins competing at Hayward Field. A six-lane track is added.
  • 1925. East Grandstand is completed. Architect: Lawrence & Holford.
  • 1970. The track is widened from six to eight lines and a weather-proof surface is applied.
  • 1975. West Grandstand is restored.
    The restoration of the Hayward Field West Grandstand was completed in 1975. Substantial support for the project came from gifts and a special fundraising track meet in which Steve Prefontaine ran.
  • 1988. Renovations include a 400-meter track and updated facilities.
  • 1991. A new scoreboard is added.
  • 1992. The Bowerman Family Building is completed.
  • 2005. Powell Plaza is created to provide a more attractive gateway to the historic Hayward Field.
  • 2018. Redesign of Hayward Field proposed.


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Consult the Guide to Architectural Materials in Special Collections for holdings on Ellis F. Lawrence.


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